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-Anderin's Katydid-(Brookside Pink MagnumXRosmels Amber Glo) 2008 Liver Chestnut Roan filly. Katy is out of two champion ponies. She is not only a HUGE value as a broodmare but will be a very fancy performance pony. She has the most gorgeous tiny chisled head and big body and unbelevable toe pointing movement.This filly has numerous champion A circuit siblings, including Rosmels Millenium owned by Robin Greenwood, and will no doubt accompany him in the winners circle someday soon.. Katy will mature 13.1h. Katy is available for sale. Please inquire on pricing. Photo to come soon...


-Anderin's Julia-(*Trefaes TaranXZips Shamless Echo) 2008 dark bay filly with very classy chrome. Very elegant half welsh filly with a 10+ personality. This filly sleeps in her stall and allows my small son to sit with her and brush her. She is just what we hoped for out of this mare; big bodied, ultra fancy moving, teddy bear personality. She will mature 14.2. Julie is already SOLD to the Conner family. Congrats girls!!


-Anderin's Decoration Day-(Brookside Pink MagnumXRemember Me) 2008 Chestnut Roan colt. This boy is a Devon prospect for sure. He is a masterpiece. Moose has a gorgeous head, huge eye and legs that go on forever. He is very well put together and incredibly balanced. He has the quietest personality and can cover the pasture in about two strides; getting down the lines will not be a worry for this boy. Moose will mature 14.2h. He is available for sale. Please inquire on pricing. Photo to come soon...