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Anderin farm had three beautiful, healthy foals born this year. Remember Me foaled a huge handsome colt on May 24, Echo foaled a lovely bay filly on May 28 and Rosmels Amber Glo foaled her first foal, a VERY cute filly on June 1.










  I think that Anderin Farm really started when I was a young child.  I loved animals and babies of all kind.  When I was about 7 years  old, I asked to take riding lessons.   "Chester" was my first pony ( a large, grade pony who competed under the name "It's Miller Time").  Chester was a great first pony for me.  I soon graduated to a small Half-Welsh pony, Shenandoah Nanette (Welsh/Dartmoor cross).  Nettie was very green and a handful at first.  She definitely exhibited the intelligence, personality, and quality of the ponies.  Nettie took me to a ribbon at the AHSA National Pony Finals and many Pony Hunter championships. When asking Mrs. Abeles about Nettie many years later, she still remembered Nettie and her pony personality.  It was Nettie that got us all hooked on ponies forever.  Unfortunately, Nettie was sold when my trainer thought I should move to a medium pony (looking back I think that I should have kept riding her a few more years). 

Next I acquired Battlesmoke, a medium Welsh pony by Cymreag Rainbow.  Smokey was a steady guy who took very good care of me over the higher jumps.  Smokey and I went on to the AHSA National Pony Eqitation Finals together.