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Section A Stallion

Taran 2004 34 crop.jpg (56137 bytes) Supreme Champion*Trefaes Taran (1986 Section A Bay Stallion)

Wynswood Little Acorn X Trefaes Tail

We will forever be indebted to Dr. and Mrs. Wynne Davies for giving us the opportunity to stand the world famous stallion, Trefaes Taran--a 4-time Male Champion at the Royal Ag., a Supreme Champion at the Royal Ag., and the Reserve Champion at the 1997 Horse Of the Year Show (HOYS) out of 38,000 entries!  Quoting Dr. Davies,  "[Taran] is probably one of the most prolific winners in modern times."  In 2001, Taran was further honored by being chosen as the Section A representative for the WPCS Centenary Celebration painting by Ann Thompson.

Since arriving in the U.S., Taran has confirmed all of our expectations.  His movement, both free and extended, is positively breathtaking and passes on to his get.  His conformation is so nearly perfect that he is oftentimes used as the model for the Section A type. (See An Introduction to Welsh Ponies and Cobs.)  He has a gentle, warm, and kind personality, which means even small children are safe in his company.  

This classy, renowned gentleman leaves us in awe.   He is exactly the type of Welsh Mountain pony we want to breed for he is, most assuredly, one of the best!

Stud fee:$650 live cover  CLOSED book for 2008.

Taran will be standing for specific limited dates in 2009. Please contact us for available dates.

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